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by Eric Chau
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Our Mission

The Medicom Group is a global healthcare company dedicated to enhancing, manufacturing, and distributing infection control, single-use, and preventive products for medical, dental, industrial, veterinary, and laboratory markets. We strive to provide distributors, professionals and their patients, the most trusted branded and private-label products at outstanding value. We bring entrepreneurial passion to everything we do in order to create remarkable customer experiences.

The Medicom Story

One extraordinary man, one inspirational quest, one amazing legacy. All honoured by one outstanding brand.  Medicom.

It begins in 1988.

At just 23, a young Ronald Reuben had a conversation with a friend who outlined a problem, one that Ronald saw as an opportunity to help fill a need. A need that would change his life and set him on the course to leave his lasting legacy, one that is still very much alive today and enjoyed by millions. He launched Medicom SafeTouch gloves, to protect health care workers from the risk of the HIV virus.

A few years later, in 1990, as he was expanding his brands and lines of infection control products keeping true to the tenets of quality, expertise and experience, he bought his first factory and taught himself the craft of manufacturing the best products available.  It was at this point that Ronald Reuben truly embarked on his quest to create the best infection control products available. To manufacture and engineer according to his standards to help maximize protection for health care professionals.

After he founded Medicom, fortified with vision, courage and determination, Ronald travelled in search of the highest-quality materials and the best equipment for his endeavour. He created a global network of manufacturing facilities filled with new equipment, carefully selected materials and engineered with expertise that would form the basis of his proprietary Medicom Safe branded products. From there this intrepid and fearless entrepreneur built with effort and determination. He used materials from the best suppliers, he built strong partnerships with the best distributor organizations and he carefully developed his own, unique designs and expertise.

Medicom was among the first to offer inspired infection control products as Ronald Reuben’s uncompromising commitment and dedication laid the foundations for the quality traditions that continue to this day. A company with the experience and expertise that comes from a worldwide network of employees around the world working together to deliver on our commitments in both product and service excellence.

This is what makes Medicom so remarkable. It stands not only for quality and commitment, but for trust and pride in doing what is right.  It is true both to the man and his line of products. Almost 25 years later we still employ the highest quality standards and we still manufacture on only the best equipment.  It would probably be easier if we didn’t.  But it wouldn’t be right.  It wouldn’t be the Medicom way.

Which is why we still take pride in what matters to our founder and CEO Ronald Reuben and what matters to each of us, every day. And that’s why, today, Medicom is a brand that has always stood for quality. It is proof that in this world you get out what you put in. Medicom started with vision, passion and trust.  It was the desire then and it drives us today. We take pride in the protection we offer, so you can take pride in yours.


A. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.